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Snow Advisories and Emergency Levels

Level I Snow Advisory

A Level I Snow Advisory is due to conditions caused by ice, blowing and drifting snow, which can make county roadways hazardous. Residents should drive cautiously. This advisory can be upgraded or discontinued.

Level II Snow Advisory

In addition to elements detailed in a Level 1 Advisory. A Level II Snow Advisory includes ice, blowing and drifting snow causing low visibility on county roadways.  Only persons with a real and important need to be out on roads and streets should do so. This advisory can be upgraded, downgraded, or discontinued.

Level III Snow Emergency

A Level III Emergency is for all roads and streets in Lucas County. This declaration does not apply to traffic on the Ohio Turnpike but does apply to all other roads and streets in Lucas County.

Travel on these roadways is limited to emergency and essential personnel only. No one should be on these roadways during the duration of this Snow Emergency unless absolutely necessary. All employees should contact their employer to determine if they should report for work.  All non-emergency and nonessential personnel traveling the roadways during this Snow Emergency may be subject to arrest and prosecution under section 2917.13 of the Ohio Revised Code for "misconduct at an emergency."

The Lucas County Sheriff's Office is without authority to arbitrarily determine what occupations, job descriptions or duties constitute essential or nonessential employees.