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The Lucas County Corrections Center

The philosophy of the Lucas County Sheriff's Office Corrections Division is: Effective Inmate Behavior Management.


The Lucas County Corrections Center is a full-service adult detention facility located in downtown Toledo at 1622 Spielbusch Avenue. Opened in 1977, this nine-level facility has six inmate housing floors (with a recommended capacity of 403 inmates) and a booking area. The Corrections Center is essentially a pre-trial facility; most inmates are being held on serious felony charges. Inmates can participate in counseling services, religious services, drug and alcohol treatment, recreational activities, library hours, non-contact visitations and medical services.In 2024, the Lucas County Sheriff's Office Corrections Division will implement effective inmate behavior management training throughout the corrections center as their primary philosophy going forward.

The Corrections Center’s booking area (the primary entry and release point for all detainees) is approved to hold a maximum of 65 inmates. Upon the initial intake of any person into the facility, the booking area conducts a medical screening, an inventory and safekeeping of any personal property, and a body scan of the inmate. Additional processes include state-mandated DNA collection, fingerprinting and mugshots. All inmates will then have assessments conducted by Pretrial Services and Inmate Services personnel. The booking area averages 15,430 inmates a year.

Property/Medication Drop Offs

A valid form of identification is always required when anyone wishes to drop off the following items, including but not limited to: 

  • Medications (The LCSO Medical Services staff will not accept narcotics, mixed pill bottles, or prescriptions over 90 days old) 
  • Prescription Eye Glasses/Contact Lenses (no cases are permitted for eyeglasses)
  • Medical Braces (Requires Doctor Approval)
  • Orthopedic Shoes (Requires Doctor Approval)
  • Court Clothing