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Medical Section

Corrections Center Medical Section

The Corrections Center Nursing Division employs a staff of 14 full-time nurses, two part-time nurses, contingency staff, one unit clerk, one psychiatrist, one dentist, two physicians and a nurse practitioner. The Nursing Division routinely conducts screening assessments and physicals, responds to direct requests from inmates for medical issues, and treats inmates for everything from blood pressure checks and dressing changes to wound vac care and physical therapy.

Property/Medication Drop Offs

A valid form of identification is always required when anyone wishes to drop off the following items, including but not limited to: 

  • Medications (The LCSO Medical Services staff will not accept narcotics, mixed pill bottles, or prescriptions over 90 days old) 
  • Prescription Eye Glasses/Contact Lenses (no cases are permitted for eyeglasses)
  • Medical Braces (Requires Doctor Approval)
  • Orthopedic Shoes (Requires Doctor Approval)
  • Court Clothing 

Medical Command Staff

Director Of Health Services

Lindsay Szymczak


Anissa Floure