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The Countywide Communications System

Countywide Communications is responsible for Lucas County’s radio system infrastructure and all data systems required to keep it running. It is operated by the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office and is primarily funded by revenue from the 911 levy.

Countywide Communications exists to benefit all Lucas County jurisdictions, each of which is responsible for the purchase, maintenance and repair of their portable, mobile and base radios. There are currently more than 7,500 radios on the system.

The Countywide Communications system is a single-site simulcast trunked system with 12 sub-sites that utilize 18 800-MHz frequencies. Voice communications use 17 of these frequencies, while a control channel uses the 18th frequency to transmit and receive data to and from each radio. The system traffic cop allows communications to be processed in an orderly manner. With a simulcast system, the same frequency is transmitted at all 12 sites when a transmission is made.

There also are three 700-MHz sites linked to the Lucas County system. They are in Fulton, Henry and northern Wood counties.

Countywide Communications Staff

Communications Director

Frank Cody