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Officer in Uniform

2022 L.C.S.O. GOALS




Our success as a Law Enforcement agency is dependent on our willingness to improve by setting and attaining realistic goals on an annual basis. I have listed thirteen (13) goals for 2022 compiled by our Administrative Staff. The list should not be considered all-inclusive as each of you may have your own personal goals to improve your work environment and personal lives. The goals are being distributed to every employee and will be placed on our website. Working together, we can strive to make the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office one of the finest in the nation.

Sheriff Mike Navarre

1. Publicly announce the location and a timeline for the design, construction, and funding plan for a new Lucas County Jail in Downtown Toledo.


2. Increase the number of full-time employees by conducting a minimum of three new corrections officer classes, with the goal of reaching 475 total employees by the end of the year. The first of these classes will start in the first quarter.


3. Conduct performance evaluations for all of our non-supervisory personnel in the first quarter of the year and supervisory personnel by the end of the year. The goal will be to continue doing this annually.


4. Make necessary renovations to the current housing unit on the 2nd floor (2 North) so that it can then be utilized for training our Corrections staff in Inmate Behavior Management (IBM). Renovations will be completed in the first quarter of the year and the training will commence in the second quarter.


5. Fully implement the Guardian Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tracking system, and go live, in the first quarter of the year.


6. Require all of our supervisory and fiduciary personnel to attend a four (4) hour leadership course by July 1.


7. In 2022, all personnel, both supervisors and non-supervisors, will attend an eight (8) hour Wellness day involving both physical assessment and instruction.


8. All Road Patrol and Court Services personnel will attend an active shooter course, to be completed by July 1.


9. Provide new First Aid / Trauma kits and instructional training to all personnel required to work in the field as part of their assignment, to be completed by December 31.


10. Attain full compliance with the eleven (11) standards developed by the Ohio Collaborative Community – Police Advisory Board. To be completed by December 31.


11. In 2022, comply with the state mandate of providing twenty-four (24) hours of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) to all of our certified peace officers, including special deputies and members of the Reserve unit.


12. Convert all personnel files to digital files, by year’s end.


13. Fully implement the use of the Citizen Online Police Reporting System (COPRS), by year’s end.