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L.C.S.O. 2024 GOALS



Our success as a Law Enforcement agency is dependent on our willingness to improve by setting and attaining realistic goals on an annual basis. I have listed eleven (11) goals for 2024 compiled by our Administrative Staff. The list should not be considered all-inclusive as each of you may have your own personal goals to improve your work environment and personal lives. The goals are being distributed to every employee and will be placed on our website. Working together, we can strive to make the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office one of the finest in the nation.

Sheriff Mike Navarre

1.  Continue our integration to effective inmate behavior management.

A.  By December 31st, convert housing units 2 East A and 2 East B into functioning strategic inmate management (SIMS) training units.

B.  By September 30th, all N/S wings will be cleaned and painted. Bunk beds and anti-ligature hooks will be installed

2.  By March 31st, all sergeants and lieutenants assigned to the Corrections Center will be trained in the Guardian RFID feature, “operational intelligence”, which will enable them to track the performance of their subordinates’ making rounds.

3.  Prepare a “Request for Proposal (RFP)” seeking a medical entity who will provide medical and behavioral health services to all inmates housed in the Corrections Center. Evaluate the proposals and select the provider(s). Complete by July 1st.

4.  By December 31st, develop new medical policies and refine existing policies to be in full compliance with the state’s Bureau of Adult Detention (BAD). This will also require that the entity selected to provide our medical and behavioral health services has procedures in place to carry out these policies.

5.  Open up the Airport Highway precinct station with both Road Patrol and the Detective Bureau working out of the building by March 31st.

6.  Develop a system whereby the Detective Bureau can record statistical data which will provide monthly and annual reports. Complete by December 31st

7.  By March 31st, acquire and implement the use of an unmanned aircraft (drone) for use by Road Patrol personnel.

8.  Submit all unsolved homicides and missing person cases into the Ohio Attorney General’s unsolved case database by December 31st.

9.  By December 31st, implement electronic versions of the use of force and vehicle pursuit forms for use by all relevant personnel.

10.  By June 1st, make our Sheriff’s Office’s policy manual available to all employees and the public via our web page.

11.  Hold at least two corrections academies during the calendar year in an effort to maintain adequate staffing levels.